We use an orderly and detailed process when creating your uniquely tailored financial plan

Your life is defined by many unique details. That’s why we follow a thorough step-by-step process in order to gain a comprehensive view of who you are and what you expect. By doing so, we can create a personally tailored financial plan that will help address your financial needs both now and in the future.



We begin by sitting down with you and getting to know you personally – it’s a conversation where we find out where you are in life, your investment experiences and current portfolio, your expectations for returns and your tolerance for risk.


After our initial meeting, our team will analyze the information you’ve shared with us, including investment account statements, mortgage statements and tax returns. During this step, we may contact you to clarify and/or expand upon the information. This step may involve collaboration with other specialists or your existing professionals.


Once analysis is complete, we will put together a financial plan that is uniquely your own. It will not only help you make disciplined decisions and prioritize action items, it will also address your investment expectations and risk tolerances. The objective is for you to feel comfortable with your plan and understand what it will take to achieve your goals.


Once you approve your plan, we will take steps to implement it. We’ll be with you at every step of this critical process to help you set up necessary accounts and optional services and see to the completion of all required paperwork.


An ever-changing marketplace – and life for that matter – requires vigilance. We’ll not only track your investments, we’ll also watch all aspects of your plan to alert you to opportunities and ensure the plan keeps up with all the changes you’ll experience throughout your life.