An array of services guided by experience and expertise

Because we serve a variety of clients, we offer a range of services they will need throughout their lives. What’s more, our experience and expertise help ensure that each service we employ on behalf of a client fits their particular need, fulfills that need and exceeds their expectation.

Retirement Planning
To achieve the retirement you’ve envisioned, you’ll need a strategic plan to get you there – and beyond. Retirement isn’t merely a destination, it’s a journey over many years. Our goal is to work with you to create a plan that will not only help you accumulate assets, but also preserve them and make them last.

Portfolio Management
Along with its many advantages, wealth also brings many challenges. Our team is qualified to help you not only deal with the demands of wealth, but also help you and your family make the most of all it has to offer.

Estate Planning
We have the expertise, products and services available to help you plan and leave a lasting legacy for those who will follow in your footsteps or for an organization you support. We can work with your other tax and legal professionals to ensure your wishes are followed and your estate is protected.

Educational/College Planning
If your aim is to one day fund an education for a child or children you love – or even yourself – we can help. There are many programs and plans available to help you reach your goal. With our guidance, we can help you select and use the one that’s just right for your particular needs.

Investments and Securities
Every investor is different – unique goals and individual tolerance for risk require different investment instruments be used and allocated. We’ll help you explore the many options you have concerning stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more, to determine which will fit best into your portfolio.

Life Insurance
Planning for the unexpected is a wise way to help protect you and your family. That’s why insurance plays a crucial part in your financial plan. we can help you select the right products to help keep you and your family secure with a strategic layer of protection offered by insurance.

Charitable Giving
Through the resources offered by Raymond James, we can help you create a charitable giving plan that not only helps the organizations you’re passionate about, but also has the potential to generate tax benefits and further your overall wealth management plan.

Long-Term Care
The most pressing financial concerns of many people tend to revolve around providing for their families, assuring adequate retirement income and preserving their estates for the future. However, few people consider what would happen to their families, themselves and the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate over the years if they were to require long-term care due to a prolonged illness or disability. We help you avoid pitfalls, reduce the stress of the underwriting process and obtain the most competitve offer of insurance.